Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the US, despite a significant decline in deaths over the last few decades. The research, published in Circulation, examines heart disease death rates from 1979-2011, revealing that improvement slowed for adults under the age of 55 - especially among women. "We think that these trends are not related to differences in treatment and hospitalization, but rather to a lack of effective preventive strategies for young people, particularly women," says senior author Dr. Viola Vaccarino, professor and chair of epidemiology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Among adults under the age of 55, clear declines in annual death rates were observed between 1979-1989 for adults under the age of 55, with death rates falling by 5.5% in men and 4.6% in women. However, the rate of this improvement slowed dramatically in subsequent time periods. From 1990-1999, no improvement in heart disease death rates was observed among women under the age of 55. For men, death rates only fell by 1.2% during this time. Heart disease death rates improved from 2000-2011, but only slightly. For women, the death rate fell by 1% and for men it fell by 1.8% In contrast, heart disease death rates among adults aged 65 and over fell consistently from 1979 onward, with the rate of improvement accelerating from 2000 onward. Dr. Vaccarino states that the younger adult population has not been the subject of research as much as older individuals, "partially because they are generally considered to be at low risk. There is an urgent need for more research." Efforts toward understanding cardiovascular disease 'should be refocused'

The researchers suggest that the lack of improvement they observed could partly be attributable to rising rates of diabetes and obesity - two risk factors for heart disease. "Some reports suggest that diabetes and obesity may pose a greater heart disease risk in younger women than in other groups, and women need to become more aware of the heart risks of these conditions," Dr. Vaccarino reports. Alongside obesity and diabetes, other recognized risk factors for developing heart disease include aging, physical inactivity, smoking, poor diet and a family history of coronary heart disease. Dr. Vaccarino also believes that non-traditional risk factors may be especially important in this younger age group [1] Heart attacks and strokes occur when clots form in the body's blood vessels taking away blood flow from the heart and brain. A diet high in fats, too much salt,smoking, gum disease, lack of exercise, increased blood pressure are stressful on the Cardiovascular system and this is where Cardiovascular often begins. By making simple adjustments to their lifestyle and using proper (science based) supplementation one can reduce their chances of developing heart disease. This would include changes in diet, increasing physical activity, stopping smoking, eliminating alcohol. At Welcome to Wellness we look to science and nature to provide us with safer alternatives. Partnering with a company that has products that are proven by science to have antioxidant and anti-platelet benefits of grape skins and seeds and other beneficial flavonoids.

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