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New studies link omega-3 and vitamin supplementation to less brain shrinkage and Increased performance on mental thinking tests.
For years , the cardiovascular benefits of omega-3's have been well Studied and documented. But more recently, increased attention has been given to another advantage of these long-chain fatty acids-- Cognitive health. Two recent studies found that there was a "clear association between fish oil supplements and brain volume".
The first study led by Lori Daiello was presented at the international Conference on Alzheimer's Disease.

According to Daiello, the study found "a significant positive association between fish oil supplement use and average brain volumes in two critical areas utilized in memory and thinking". Based on 819 individuals, the study also found that the use of fish oil supplements was associated with better cognitive function. [1]
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The human brain develops quickly, quadrupling in size during the first three years of life. And maxing out at about 3 pounds by the age 20. Unfortunately, it's all downhill from there. Brain weight starts to deteriorate significantly around the age 45, decreasing by an average of 11% from its weight in early adulthood. Shrinkage is most pronounced in the forebrain region responsible for personality, memory, and cognitive function. It is this part of the brain that affords humans the ability to think abstractly, reason, and concentrate.


Lipids comprise a significant portion of the brain. Of these lipids, omega-3 fatty acids are particularly important.

* Omega-3 fatty acids exert profound anti-aging effects on brain structure and function, from cognition and memory to mental health and Alzheimer's prevention.
* They have recently been associated with increased volume of the brain's gray matter, especially in those regions associated with happiness, and they boost intelligence through enhanced function from birth onwards.
* They support brain cell structure, increase the production of vital neurotransmitters, and blunt oxidative and inflammatory damage.
* Ranges of 1,000-3,000 mg of EPA and 1,000-1,500 mg of DHA have been shown to yield significant improvements in symptoms of depression, aggression, and other mental disorders, as well as protection against early cognitive decline and even early Alzheimer's disease.

[1] "Rhode Island Hospital Study Identifies Fish Oil's Impact On Cognition And Brain Structure" Lori Daiello, Brain Off, Assawin Gongvatana, et,
al Rhode Island Hospital's Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorders Center. September 1, 2011.



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